March/April 2023

Workshops – Retreats – Songs that Reconnect, Rituals that Reconnect….

Ceremonies to Celebrate the Wheel of Seasons

Mabon Ceremony

NEW!…. We are starting a series of events around the turning of the seasons, bringing to life and adding our flavour to rituals that our united ancestors have held for centuries.

Please contact us for information on our upcoming Equinox ritual, which will include cacao, song, movement and sharing….

Join us for a Cacao ceremony to celebrate MABON, a pagan festival of equilibrium.

This is the time where there are equal hours of light and dark. It is a time of balance and while summer is ending, winter is approaching.

We give thanks to the abundance of the Earth and her many harvests. We find and celebrate balance in our lives as it is found in nature and on this day: Shadow and light; masculine and feminine. And we set our intentions, especially those that involve decrease and reduction, such as ending negative relationships, unhealthy habits, or self destructive beliefs.

Booking essential.

In Scarborough, on 20th March 2023, from 6 to 8:30 pm

R300, including sacred cacao drink

Songs that Reconnect

‘There’s a song that wants to sing itself through us.’

Dear Community of Earthlings, let us gather again to sing our collective feelings of gratitude, grief, joy and love for the world!

Our next Songs that Reconnect song circle will take place on Tuesday 28th March in a beautiful home setting in Newlands . This is a sacred space to unite in song and ritual, held every month by Rachael Millson and Joanna Tomkins, journeying around the Spiral of the Work that Reconnects.

We welcome all voices, all genders, and children are welcome on request. Bring your shakers, instruments, and importantly a cushion. There is no need to know how to sing and song sheets are provided. Each session has a unique programme, revitalising and reconnecting. Please arrive 15 min early, in order to settle into the space.

Feel free to share this invitation with others as we grow this movement of heart and Earth connection.

On donation (R100 suggested)
For bookings, which are essential, please send us a message on 0618646799 (Rachael), 0834165572 (Joanna) or We will then provide full venue details.

Online 5-part Workshop in the Work that Reconnects: “Active Hope in the Great Turning”

We are in the midst of a crisis of both nature and culture. All around us we are experiencing the impacts of the ‘Great Unravelling’: Climate change, species loss, continued systemic inequality, economic uncertainty. When we open our eyes to what is happening in our world the grief, fear, anger, anxiety and helplessness can feel overwhelming, and almost unbearable.

The Work that Reconnects offers us a place of support in times of great change. In this 5-part Work That Reconnects online workshop, we create a space to re-energize, inspire hope, restore a sense of purpose and walk forwards together towards a regenerated and more beautiful world.

Tuesday evenings 6pm – 8pm UK (7pm – 9pm SA) from April 25th to May 30th

Join us for this life-changing group experience that will support you to navigate the complex nature of our times.

Click here for further information on this workshop “Active Hope in the Great Turning