Joanna Tomkins

I moved to Cape Town in 2009 to guide in the Southern African wilderness. I have directed social documentaries and founded various cultural and travel projects and enterprises. In addition to my managing experience, I also trained and work as a freelance ceramic artist.

Joanna Tomkins

A wilderness guide, WTR facilitator and artist, Joanna Tomkins encourages ecological awareness and positive action through workshops and events, art and nature immersions, podcasts and articles, designed for individuals or communities.

She also creates tools for parents/teachers interested in introducing the WTR to their children/students.

“The WTR framework mirrors my own personal values and knowledge, thereby anchoring and increasing the consciousness of my personal, parenting and professional decisions. I am very grateful for these tools.”

“I will serve Gaia purposefully and inspire people to be a part of the Great Turning, honouring the miracles of the web of life.”

Areas of expertise:

Wilderness Immersions

Ecoaware Community Building Projects

Organic Artwork

Project and Event Management

Rachael Millson

I recently moved on from my work as African Partnerships Director for Social Enterprise Academy where, with local partners, I supported social entrepreneurs working for social change across the continent.

I am a scholar of Systems Thinking, having studied with the Schumacher Institute and a Mindfulness Practitioner, taught by the UK-based Mindfulness Association.

Rachael Millson

Rachael is a Master Facilitator, Mentor and Coach. Her interest in environmental activism and social justice began when she was a child and Rachael has spent most of her working life in service of the better world she always dreamed was possible.

Over the past 17 years Rachael has been working with purpose-driven individuals, groups and organisations, supporting and empowering them to show up as their best selves and reach their full potential, contributing in the best ways they can to serving humanity and our ecological home. Rachael’s work is based on the premise that each of us has unique gifts and talents to offer, a clear purpose that they came here to fulfil, and a foundation of wisdom contained within. Many of us have lost sight of that truth, and Rachael helps people to reconnect with their wholeness, remember their interbeing, and bring forward their soul gifts in order to fulfil their purpose. Rachael is interested in innovative models of how to do things differently, and has an in-depth knowledge of social enterprise.

Rachael was one of the first Trainer of Trainers for Carbon Conversations in the UK, a transformational group process-work dealing with the issues of climate change and ecological breakdown.

Areas of expertise:

Community Outreach Projects Facilitation

Group Process Work

Systems Thinking

Social Enterprise

Kate Curtis

I returned to South Africa in 2019 after many years dedicated to education, permaculture and exploring
the diverse outer and inner landscapes I was privileged to explore. I founded Green Hearted, a non-profit
organization that aims to bridge the connection between nature and humans, through sustainable food
gardens and soil restoration, while integrating a whole-systems, educational approach and nourishing our
intrinsic interdependence with the Earth. I also teach at a small home-school and create artwork, poetry
and books for children.



Kate Curtis

Kate fell in love with the WTR when a friend gifted her Joanna Macy ́s book “Coming Back to Life” in 2012. It felt like the answer to what her heart had long called for. She met her mentor, Om, in India in 2013 during a Deep Ecology workshop at the Deer Park Institute, led by Om and Tom Deiters, founders of Gaia Ashram and Gaia School Asia. She spent come years living and learning with them, and had the privilege to participate in the creation of a process of the WTR for children, during an eco-educational journey in Laos and Thailand, inspired by head-heart-hand activism.

She would love to see the WTR integrated into youth leadership and development programmes in South Africa. She believes it would play a vital role in restoring and reconnecting people to place and re-
storying their connection to the land. When these relationships are healed (re-storied) and strengthened, the intrinsic desire to repair and honour the earth begins.

The spiral framework grounded in Gratitude, to Grief and transformation to Seeing with New Eyes and Setting Forth in connection and community, has helped to give meaning and foundation to the waves that move through my life.
Living my life in Active Hope and playing my part in this Great Turning- I plant, I dance, I laugh, I cry, I sing and I write the new story into being…

Areas of expertise:

Permaculture and Soil Regeneration

Nature Connection

Reciprocal Restoration

Stories and Poetry that honour the Web of Life

Tass Two Crows Flying


Come dip into the wonder that happens when I walk:


Rev. Tass Two Crows Flying

Rev Tass Two Crows Flying is a Shamanic Practitioner with a deep reverence for this beautiful planet and all life that the Mother supports. Nature is her heaven. She has studied with practitioners such as Grandmother Robin Youngblood and Peter Von Maltitz an Iqghira (Sangoma). She has also completed her Deep Ecology course at DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and is presently studying Ecopsychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

Tass brings 30 years of experience of assisting Souls to reconnect with self and nature in her Eco-Spiritual practice. She came across Joanna Macy’s teachings a few years ago whilst grappling with the grief of climate change. And subsequently studied this through Tsondru Chris Jardine a Buddhist nun who learned the methods directly from Joanna Macy. She has run workshops in South Africa and Canada. She knows that these tools from The Work That Reconnects are vital for our inner psyche as we navigate caring for our planet and self. 

Areas of expertise:



Work That Reconnects

Soul Journeys