Active Hope in the Great Turning

a 5-part online workshop in the Work that Reconnects

Tuesday evenings 7pm – 9 pm in SA (6pm – 8pm in UK) from May 2nd to May 30th

with Rachael Millson and Joanna Tomkins

We are in the midst of a crisis of both nature and culture. All around us we are experiencing the impacts of the ‘Great Unravelling’: Climate change, species loss, continued systemic inequality, economic uncertainty. When we open our eyes to what is happening in our world the grief, fear, anger, anxiety and helplessness can feel overwhelming, and almost unbearable.

And yet when we tune into a higher perspective, we can also see that we are alive today at a unique time: A time that exudes possibility; a time of great Awakening and transformation; and a time that invites us to step into our full power, building our inner strength and resilience so we can navigate and contribute towards the ‘Great Turning’, without burning out.

The Work that Reconnects offers us a place of support in times of great change. In this online workshop, we create a space to re-energise, inspire hope, restore a sense of purpose and walk forwards together towards a regenerated and more beautiful world.

In this five-session course we engage with The Work That Reconnects and Active Hope methodologies. We use the format of the Spiral as our framework. We will focus on GRATITUDE in our life, building up resilience as we do so. We give space to HONOUR OUR PAIN for the world, as grieving is an essential part of stepping into wholeness. We will shift our perspective though SEEING WITH NEW AND ANCIENT EYES, and integrate this in our life. In GOING FORTH, we explore our vision of the world we do want to live in, and identify steps we are willing and able to take, no matter how small or large.

This course is open to all of you who are able to join at the time of the sessions, no previous experience is required and we welcome all adults over the age of 16. Commitment is important as the 5 parts heal together as a whole, and when working with the same group constellation throughout the 5-week experience.

Join us for this life-changing group experience that will support you to navigate the complex nature of our times.

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Your Facilitators:

Rachael Millson is a Purpose Guide™, Rewilding Coach, Facilitator of the Work that Reconnects and Sharer of Heart and Earth Songs. Her focus is soul-level awakening, nature connection and rediscovering our wildness within. Having previously spent many years in the social enterprise sector as a facilitator and coach, Rachael cares deeply about developing economies and cultures that are life-enhancing, regenerative and work for all.

She is passionate about moving from the current paradigm of separation and fear, towards a paradigm of wholeness and unity.

Joanna Tomkins is a Work that Reconnects facilitator, wilderness guide, singer, ceramic artist, active mother and member of the Scarborough village (Cape Town) community. She started the collective Gaia Speaking in South Africa in 2020 ( to expand the knowledge and practice of the Work that Reconnects in Southern Africa, She is invested in the belief that a shift in worldview is possible if we respond to the calling of the Great Turning and empower our collective “heart-mind”.

She inspires us to embody our ecological and creative selves so that we can ignite the change for all our relations.