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We are a collective of facilitators working for personal and collective regeneration inspired by the weavings of the Works that Reconnects (WTR). Our work originates from the so-named South Africa – yet we are also connected in infinite ways to the greater Gaia – in response to the calling of the Great Turning that many of us are feeling individually.

Here is a platform with readings and events to inspire you to Go Forth with Active Hope, supporting you with the disconnect you may be experiencing from the core truth of your being, from Mother Earth and from the scary reality we are currently facing.  This disconnect numbs our human feelings of grief but also those of joy and purpose, for it is natural for all beings to feel compassion for all beings present and future and a calling to act on their behalf.

Gaia Speaking facilitates the Work that Reconnects through a variety of evolving formats, in gatherings including practices such as ceremony, song, performance, dance, arts, nature immersions, online workshops, etc.

In this present moment and here, within South Africa, original land of the Khoisan, and the Rainbow Nation of human communities that came in their footsteps, we extend an invitation to Gaia and all of her species to speak through us. In love and gratitude.

Gaia Speaking is the Regional Network for the Work that Reconnects™ (WTR) in South Africa.

Of all the dangers
we face, from climate chaos to nuclear war, none is so great as the deadening of our response.

Joanna Macy

To be alive in this beautiful, self-organizing universe – to participate in the dance of life with senses to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it – is a wonder beyond words.

Joanna Macy