January/February 2023

Workshops – Retreats – Songs that Reconnect, Films that Reconnect, Dance that Reconnects, Art that Reconnects….

Songs that Reconnect

‘There’s a song that wants to sing itself through us.’

Dear friends, wishing you much alignment, truth, beauty and growth as we enter into 2023!

Our first Songs that Reconnect song circle will take place on Tuesday 24 January in Newlands. This is a moment to connect our hearts to each other, and join our voices in song, as we sing our prayers for our beloved sacred Mother Earth.

We welcome all voices, all genders, and children are welcome on request. Bring your shakers, instruments, and importantly a cushion. There is no need to know how to sing and song sheets are provided. Please arrive 15 min early, in order to settle into the space.

Feel free to share this invitation with others as we grow this movement of heart and Earth connection

On donation (R100 suggested)

For bookings, which are essential, please send us a message on 0618646799 (Rachael), or gaiaspeaking@gmail.com


Join Rachael Millson for this 4 month workshop for a deep dive into the mysteries of Nature and Soul. you can read her invitation on our blog here.

We have a Gaia Speaking Whatsapp group (admin only) to share our Work That Reconnects. Link to share or to to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KWh31y8vAyiIoOPfAI1LCk
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Systems Thinking, Systems Doing, Systems Being
with Felicia Chavez & Silvia Di Blasio
Saturday, February 25 – 9–11am PST (UTC-8)
(recording available)

“Systems thinking” is often used as a catch-all term for many interrelated disciplines, from cybernetics to organizational development to the biological sciences. But what is “systems thinking” really?

These days, we are drawn more than ever to the ‘systems’ worldview for answers to our social and ecological challenges. Its necessity is undeniable, however, it takes only a return to our conventional environments after a workshop or online course to bring us back to business as usual. The literature full of jargon in the realm of Systems Thinking does not help either.

In this webinar we will explore some models for contextualizing and understanding the extremely wide ranging systems worldview, as well as how to bridge that gap between “systems thinking” and “systems doing.”

Details and Registration Here.

(Suggested donation can be reduced or waived if you are not in a favourable financial situation.)