Joanna Tomkins

I moved to Cape Town in 2009 to guide in the Southern African wilderness. I have directed social documentaries and initiated various cultural and wilderness projects. In addition to my travel project management experience, I also trained and work as a freelance ceramic artist. I founded Gaia Speaking in 2020 to walk the Spiral of the Work that Reconnects.

Joanna Tomkins, Cape Town, Scarborough

A wilderness guide, WTR facilitator and artist, Joanna Tomkins encourages ecological awareness and positive action through workshops and events, art and nature immersions, podcasts and articles, designed for individuals or communities.

She also creates tools for parents/teachers interested in introducing the WTR to their children/students.

“The WTR framework mirrors my own personal values and knowledge, thereby anchoring and increasing the consciousness of my personal, parenting and professional decisions. I am very grateful for these tools.”

“I will serve Gaia purposefully and inspire people to be a part of the Great Turning, honouring the miracles of the web of life.”

Wilderness Immersions

Spiral Ceremonies and Circles

Organic Artwork

Workshops and Retreats