Announcing the Gaian Gathering

The Work that Reconnects International Network has just announced the Gaian Gathering to be happening in the second half of 2023…

We will be bringing further information to you as this event gets closer.

About the Gaian Gathering

In these challenging and pivotal times, the Work That Reconnects (WTR) is a powerful resource for people who are suffering from anxiety and trauma related to environmental disasters and ongoing social injustice and who are committed to serving the Great Turning. The WTR Network is growing to meet this continuously increasing need by supporting the global community of WTR facilitators, practitioners and lovers with education, inspiration and connection.

In 2023, we’re excited to bring this support to our global community through a comprehensive Gaian Gathering. This global summit experience will be a combination of online events and guided gatherings of local communities around the world. Beyond the typical online summit experience, this gathering will include inspiring and educational content, opportunities to practice WTR together, training for community members to up-level their skills and facilitated conversations for collaborative learning. As we envision this Gaian Gathering we see it moving through the Spiral of the WTR and comprised of four main components:

Learn – Experience – Engage – Celebrate

Learn – This component will include educational presentations and panels to explore the foundations of the WTR and its many applications in our changing world. These events will feature world renowned speakers who have been inspired by and love the Work That Reconnects, like Fritjof Capra, Bayo Akomalafe, Jem Bendel, Matthew Fox and Nina Simons as well as several of our own WTR Facilitator Members.

Experience – Events from this component will be woven into the schedule of the
gathering to allow participants to experience the WTR and move more deeply into the practices and shared experiences that transmute our anxiety and grief into empowered action. In addition to online WTR experiences, music, movement and ritual engagement, this component will include facilitated guidance for gathering local Communities of Practices to plant seeds of resilience in communities all over the world.

Engage – This component will create opportunities for participants to engage in
collaborative learning, up-level their facilitation skills and deepen their practices and gather together around certain topics and affinities. This aspect of the gathering will include Conversation Cafes and training as well as opportunities for participants to initiate ongoing connections with each other through our newly designed Online Community forum space.

Celebrate – Throughout the gathering, we will create opportunities to celebrate and honour Joanna Macy, founder and Root Teacher of the Work That Reconnects, as she moves towards her 94th birthday.

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