The Power of the Regenerative Movement

Focusing on regeneration in all aspects of life is a truly possible solution to the mess that we are in. From an economical perspective, in the Business as Usual set up, there are more companies who realise today that higher long term benefits will be reaped by investing in soils instead of pesticides, investing in community cohesion instead of privileged elites, investing in nutritious food and not in pharma, etc. On an individual scale, we are awakening to the reality that we can regenerate our mind and our gut, by respectively introducing awareness practices in our lives and by buying and growing alive foods.

Triggered by the mediatising of global, polarising medico-political debates, major ideological shifts are planting roots in our society in opposing directions. It seems that all Three Dimensions of the Great Turning are being accelerated. Although pharma is churning out more products and plastic masks are getting tangled in the feet of our already compromised wild birds, individuals are also realising that it is time to reclaim sovereignty over our lives.

For some – as for Vandana Shiva in the video added to this post – increased digitalisation has placed digital barons in a position of dictators, ready to their rules to control. For others, work online and the availability of educational material and live video material has allowed for new forms of expression. Part of the ongoing Shift in Consciousness is happening online through healing modalities, podcasts and blogs, but this does come at the cost of disconnecting us from the Earth and from a much needed, hands-on Regenerative Movement.

After such a long pause, we are all capitalising our hopes on these shifts, in one way or another, awaiting to see a clear picture of our future when the dust settles. But it’s important to act so that these shifts bring us closer to authentic connection to our community and our planet. Are we ready to represent Mother Earth above ourselves and as part of ourselves? Can we focus on deep time, thinking 7 generations back and 7 generations forward, like our indigenous ancestors knew?

We can regenerate dignified lifestyles, where we truly honour ourselves collectively as a society of sovereign beings and as organs of the Earth. Borrowing the terminology that Joanna Macy uses to determine the 3 dimensions of the Great Turning, we need to focus to help birth a radical Shift in Consciousness and like Vandana Shiva, we can also engage and support the Holding Actions that can buy us time to do so – all to varying degrees. And importantly, we can exponentially carve out time from our imposed work schedules to dedicate our lives to Sustainable Practices that are honouring of a self affirming Interconnectedness.

In this recent talk, Dr Vandana Shiva warns us about a Digital Dictatorship that threatens our sovereignty.

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