ReAwakeNing to Life 2022

ReAwakening To Life will be held at the natural heritage Monkey Valley resort in Noordhoek (new non-residential format), close to the sea, our local communities of nature beings and a short drive from Cape Town!

Are you feeling the need for purpose and reconnection?

Expand your capacity to connect with the nature of your deepest self!

Please join us for this Spring immersive retreat at Monkey Valley Resort (, Noordhoek, on the 22nd and 23rd Oct 2022. This setting is surrounded by a Rare Milkwood Forest close to the beach and only 30 minutes from central Cape Town. 

This is a 2-day workshop of regenerative practices including the sharing of the root principles of the Work that Reconnects and regenerative practices such as sharing circles, Gaian and Shamanic rituals, nature walks and a solo nature immersion, story-telling, journaling, meditation, movement, and song.

You, us and all the resident beings of this coastal land will provide different brilliant, coloured textures to this participatory mosaic, proving that the magic of the whole is far larger than the individual power of the parts. 

Your facilitators are Joanna Tomkins, Rachael Millson and Tass Two Crows Flying. We are Work that Reconnects registered facilitators, trained in other complementary fields of facilitation too.

We actively hope it will awaken and / or reaffirm your courage and your joy, and lead you to deeper clarity around your role as a pivotal agent of transformation in these essential times, as together we manifest a new Ecological Civilisation.

Investment: R 1 500

Including 2 days retreat from 8:30 to 5:30 pm on Saturday and from 8:30 to 4:30 on Sunday, tea & snacks – Excluding accommodation and lunches, which will be “bring and share” vegetarian finger food.

To book please mail: 

EFT details as follows:

Joanna Tomkins
Current Account 1009881868
Branch 198765

We have two fully supported bursaries for this event. A motivational letter will need to be sent to 

Optional accommodation – please manage your own. If  you wish to stay for the Saturday night (or even Fri and Sat) the resort offers accommodation. Their October rates are:

Garden Facing Single R 1 640 – Garden Facing Double or Twin R 2080

Cottages Three-Bedroom (double or twin)  R 3630

You may coordinate with other participants on the group to share. At present there are still cottages available, but they book out fast, so we advise you to book asap.  Phone or email Milton on 021 789 8000 or

“The Work That Reconnects helps people discover and experience their innate connections with each other and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action.”

~ Joanna Macy

Retreat Programme

WelcomeConnecting with each of the retreat participants through ritual Free flow conscious dance  
Overview of the retreatWhat to expect and setting intentions  
Fruit Break
The Work that ReconnectsIntroduction to the spiral of the Work that Reconnects and the Spiral Work
GratitudeWhy start with gratitude? Gratitude Walk to the Beach to create Gratitude art Circle Gratitude ritual with Nests Walk back to hall identifying solo nature immersion Nests and join a Pod for the next day  
Gratitude Blessing Song & Lunch  
Honouring our Pain for the WorldFeeling the fullness of our emotions as we face the truth of what’s happening in our world
Meditation  – Breathing Through
Truth Mandala ritual -The practice of Ho ‘oponopono – for forgiveness and conciliation  
Spontaneous writing  
                  Tea Break  
Seeing with New/ Ancient EyesCalling in the beings of 3 times – What do we mean by ‘seeing with new/ancient eyes?’ – Recognising the truth of our ecological selves
Brief for the solo nature immersion
Seeing with New/ Ancient Eyes – cont’dArrival in Noble Silence –
Solo Nature immersion in Nests
  Fruit Break  
 Sharing your experience from the Solo Nature Immersion in Pods – Sharing/Storytelling with the Group
Movement meditation – Calling in the gifts of the ancestors  
Gratitude Blessing & Lunch
Going ForthBridging back into our daily lives – how do we each play our part in the Great Turning?
Individual journalling  
Tea Break
Medicine Walk to the Beach  
Circle of blessings – Song Circle

Retreat Facilitators

Tass Two Crows Flying practices as an Eco Spiritualist and Eco Therapist using ancient Shamanic techniques. She lives with a deep reverence for this beautiful planet and all life that the Mother supports.

Find out more about her on:

Tass Two Crows Flying

Joanna Tomkins is a Work that Reconnects* facilitator, a student of Principles and Practice of Deep Transformation and artist, wilderness guide, active mother and community member. She is invested in the belief that a shift in worldview is possible if we respond to the calling of the Great Turning and empower our collective “heart-mind”. She inspires us to embody our ecological selves so that we can ignite the change for all our relations.

*The Work That Reconnects is process work, designed by Root Teacher Joanna Macy, to support people to reconnect with themselves, the human world, and all of life (the Earth, Nature, the Universe).

Joanna Tomkins

Rachael Millson is a Purpose Guide™, Deep Ecology Facilitator, Rewilding Coach and Sharer of heart and earth songs.

Her focus is soul-level awakening and full nature communion, illuminating the truth of our sacred and ecological beings.

She is passionate about the potential in moving from our current paradigm of separation and fear to an emerging paradigm of unity and wholeness.

Rachael Millson

Reawaken to your own wild nature

Revitalise innate bonds with each other and our sacred living Earth

Discover how you can live a life of purpose, fulfilment and joy, while fully claiming your role as an agent of transformation.