May/June 2022

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Songs that Reconnect

Darkness Holy Be

A special Solstice celebration of song and ritual, consecrated with Cacao.

“As the earth grows colder,
the winds blow faster,
the fire dwindles smaller,
and the rains fall harder,
let the light of the sun
find its way home.” (Pagan verse)

As the longest night or darkest day of the year, Winter Solstice is a powerful moment in the solar cycle where we are reminded that in the darkness, we must connect to the light within us.

Solstice is a celebration of the knowledge that lighter days are coming. It serves as a way to remember that our lives, like nature, are cyclical. Nature slows down and goes inward, and we can learn from that.

This is the time for letting go of all that doesn’t serve our highest purpose.

Join us as we come together in song for this special Pagan Solstice celebration on 21 June .

Our evening will include powerful Darkness and Return to Light rituals , consecration with the sacrament of Cacao, and a journey of song from reverence for all life, the Earth, the moon and the elements, through honouring the darkness and the deaths that enable new life, to a celebration of the new light returning.

Tap into the ways of our ancestors as we tune into the seasons of life and celebrate our time on Earth together.

Song sheets provided. Exchange R150. Children free.

Bookings essential. Message Rachael on 061 864 6799 or Joanna on 083 416 5572.

Please bring something to add to the altar, and shakers, drums or other instruments. No singing experience necessary!

Opening to song truly allows us to reconnect to our body, our feelings and our belonging to the greater ecology that we are part of. There is no need to know how to sing. This is an invitation for your voice to be heard, in which ever way.

We require booking in advance, so that we can prepare the song sheets and the space for you. For any further questions please send us an email on or Whatsapp or Telegram 0834165572 (Joanna)

Although the Songs That Reconnect events were not specifically designed for children, they are welcome to join for free if they are keen to participate or able to stay focused and peaceful. And we’d like to encourage more men to join as we need your voices too!

We use a WhatsApp broadcast list for our local Songs That Reconnect, so please send us your phone number if you want to be informed about our monthly song circles.

With much reverence for the humans and more-than-humans that make this web of life and song possible. Haux Haux!

Films that Reconnect:

A New Story for Humanity – Change the Story, Change the World

2nd June @ Camel Rock @ 6 pm to start projection at 6:30 pm

Tickets on Quicket. Cash only sales at the door

Inspired by the New Story Summit at Findhorn Foundation: a sold out multi-cultural, multi-generational event featuring change makers and activists in over 50 countries.

After the screening, we will host a sharing session to encourage discussion and self reflection. The film is 110 min and the sharing session will last about 30 min.

A number of professional filmmakers gifted their skills during the summit and conducted a series of interviews with key speakers, each carrying a thread of the new story. This feature length film brings together excerpts from some of these inspiring interviews, along with key moments from the summit itself. It is intended as a tool to inspire and inform, to foster further enquiry, and to serve as a call to action in service to a better world.

See the trailer here.

Councils of All Beings in the South Peninsula

Please Contact us for Collaborations

We are reaching out to organisations or communities who would wish to host and collaborate with a series of Councils of All Beings around the Cape Peninsula.


  • Introduction to the Spiral of the WTR and the concept of the Council of All Beings
  • Short solo nature immersion, mask making, invocation and embodiment rituals to open to hear the more-than-human beings that wish to be represented
  • Break for a veg’ bring & share finger food lunch
  • Council of All Beings: the full ritual as practiced and developed by John Seed and Joanna Macy, when we in turn speak as the beings that we embody and listen as the humans that we are

Online Events

Join Joanna Macy for a LIVE Council on June 14th, 9 – 11pm (SA time) in collaboration with Purpose Guides Institute. 
Sign up here.

Often when we hear talk of climate change, we hear facts and figures related to carbon emissions, apportioned blame and a range of technological solutions that may help us to preserve our current ways of living.But what if we looked at it slightly differently? We might call these times the Earth’s Dark Night of the Soul. What if climate change is exactly the wake-up call we need as humanity to awaken to our true spiritual nature, and be initiated into a new story, that of ‘interbeing’, of true connection with all life? A portal for human beings to awaken to our Soul’s calling to take our place in the ecological web of life, and offer our Soul’s gifts in service of Mother Earth, and future generations of human and non-human beings.

Join Joanna Macy, Earth Elder, Systems Thinker, Buddhist Scholar founder of the Work that Reconnects and Jonathan Gustin, Founder of Purpose Guides Institute, for a live Council on Zoom, as we imagine a new future together.

The council is offered in the spirit of the gift economy. If the timing doesn’t work out for you, you can register and receive the recording after the event.
Joanna Macy Photo © Adam Shemper