Rev Tass Two Crows Flying

Come dip into the wonder that happens when I walk:

Rev Tass Two Crows Flying, Cape Town, Scarborough

I practice a gentle intuitive form of Shamanism, am a Deep Ecologist and Nature Therapist. I am Deeply connected with Pacha Mama, I work with what is presented and needs care, not cure.

When I work with you, it is done mutually towards a greater feeling of balance. This may include some medicine drum journey work, cord cutting and clearing or more. Soul Retrieval Journeys are also offered with adequate preparation. I care deeply for our Land and offer Land blessings and ceremony prior to building and home clearings. I also offer Transition Ceremony’s when you are moving from one state into another, such a Job Change, Relationship shift and so on.

I have studied many paths over a 30-year period and have received ordination by my Native American Teacher, Robin Youngblood to be a Minister of Church of the Earth. (Rev Tass Aumuller – Schwab) I practice my Medicine in Scarborough, Southern Peninsula, Western Cape, South Africa. I have also graduated from my African Traditional Healer training. I have recently completed my Certificate in Ecopsychology at the Pacifica Graduate institute in California, which adds unto my practice of Nature Therapy.



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