Gaia Speaking Projects

Deep Ecology Workshops and Retreats

Half day or full day workshops or longer retreats facilitated by Rachael Millson and Joanna Tomkins (and other facilitators and contributors) in South Africa.


Presentation here:

RE-GENERATION by Rachael Millson & Joanna Tomkins

A project for schools and other educational networks. Growing a generation of young people deeply connected to Self, Community and our home planet Earth. Our learning programs incorporate deep ecology group exercises and rituals, as well as social and eco projects, to encourage a sense of belonging, wholeness and purpose as we dive deep into the Great Turning.

Songs That Reconnect

Song circles to journey through the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects, creating a joyful sense of community and active hope. A collection of international heart, Earth and spirit “sing along” songs for all.

Resources on Insight Timer , Spotify and other platforms.

Writing and recording of a library of podcasts, meditations, stories and courses by Joanna Tomkins, available for adults and children, to promote connection with self and provide tools for the Great Turning.

A Gaia Speaking Newsletter

A monthly newsletter that includes highlights from the blog, as well as updates about deep ecology in South Africa and local or online events and projects..